1. All fees must be fully paid in advance and are due by the first day of the Semester.
  2. Students may only attend classes listed on their Course Registration Form.
  3. Students should be in class within five minutes from the time the lesson has started otherwise they may not be accepted in the class and will be marked absent.
  4. Personal property brought into college premises is at owner’s risk. The college accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to such property.
  5. The Coordinator/Principal must be informed immediately of any change of address.
  6. Fees paid are not refundable, particularly when a Student is withdrawn from the school
  7. Any Student caught stealing or cheating in examination will be expelled
  8. All Students must sign an undertaking (to be countersigned by the parents) to be of good behavior.
  9. The Coordinator or Principal may decide to remove any student from the college if his judgment such action is in the interest of the college. Under these circumstances, fees for the whole of the Semester remain payable and fees already paid will not be refunded.
  10. If a Student wishes to withdraw from the college, one month’s notice must be given in writing. Such
    noticemust be received by the college on or before the first day of the last Semester to be attendedby the student. Receipt of this notice must be confirmed in writing by the Account Officer.  Failure to give a full Semester notice will result in one Semester fees being payable.
  11. Notice of discontinuation of any subject must be given in writing to the Principal, otherwise payment of the next Semester will be required. Receipt of this notice must be confirmed in writing by the College.
  12. Students are jointly and severally liable for damages caused by them to the College premises or its Contents.
  13. Students are jointly liable for loss of library books, journals, magazines and newspaper.
  14. Any alterations to the above terms and conditions are rendered void unless confirmed by the Principal.

Registration and enrollment are currently on for 2020/21 session.

The school has re-opened for physical academic activities for GCE Cambridge A’level, JUPEB, IGCSE and International Degree Foundation Program(IDFP).

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